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          About Flyingmore>>
          • Flying Power is an integrated enterprise group which manufactures lead calcium plates and a wide range of VRLA batteries. The company also ...

          Products Centermore>>
          • NF SERIES

            NF front terminal battery is especially designed for telecommunication use with 10+ years design life in float service.


            Valve sealed design, no free electrolyte, maintenance free, keep the battery high safety using.By using ...

          • EV SERIES

            EV Series Battery, designed for electric vehicles, Long cycle life and excellent big current discharge...

          • LGN SERIES

            By combining the newly developed Nano Gel electrolyte, hign tin contentcathode plateand and PE ...

          Group enterprise linkmore>>
          • Nanying Industrial Park, Huangbu Town,Shangyou County,Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province,China
            TEL:0797-7132828 FAX:0797-8522512